October 26, 2009



Anonymous said...

It's so weird to me that no one talks about our foreign policy and national healthcare in the same context. You can't have one without changing the other. That being, we could have decent healthcare if we stopped wasting money on nation building. I heard some fucked up shit about the American taxpayer paying to blow things(buildings, bridges) up in Iraq and then having to pay again to rebuild them. This is all so obvious, I know, but something truly has to be done about getting our troops out of other countries. Even Japan and South Korea still have bases and Japan wants the American troops to get the fuck out of their country. Imagine the money we'd save right there. Look at neautral countries like Finland and Sweden. Their standard of living is so fucking high and they attribute it to staying neautral in wars and not getting into that shit. Explicitly stating that if they get into wars it will lower the standard of living for it's citizens. Listen to the polls you piece of shit Obama, no one wants endless wars anymore.

Anonymous said...

I understand the gist of your point, but it's not quite that easy. While staying out of military conflict may allow Finland and Sweden more money to spend on improved domestic programs, that's only part of where the cash comes from. Scandanavian countries have incredible social services at the cost of insane tax rates. I'm not sure a 50% effective tax rate appeals to anyone in the US, regardless of what you'd get for that money.

Anonymous said...

Understandable, but I actually don't get bummed on paying my taxes, I just don't like where the money goes. If the American government were able to allocate our tax dollars a little bit better, I would be a little bit more enthused to pay taxes. I'm trying not to hate on our country because I love it. We just need to get out of these fucking wars that benefit others rather than the majority of American people. Call it nationalism, but I'd rather have money going towards Americans. I don't even mind welfare because I've seen families that would have been fucked without it. I guess my point is this: Let's focus on America and it will get better. All this nation building is fucking us over.

merf said...

Take it from an econ major who actually knows wtf he is talking about. There is only so much "healthcare" to go around ie: medicine, skilled professionals, capital(imaging machines, labs etc). Now when we have x amount of americans nedding healthcare and y amount of healthcare, things are peachy. That is if everyone can be covered. But the reality of the situation is that there are not enough resources to go around. This is not only for medicine but with ANY AND ALL goods or services within an economy.

So at this point the Government, NOT YOU AND I will be responsible for delegating those available resources. THE GOVT GETS TO CHOOSE WHO WILL RECIEVE WHAT CARE. Hence the creation of Death panels and such. Just because niggerbama says those are false...you actually believe hIM? wtf else has he actually followed through on?

So now that we have a basic understand of economics and the fact that HEALTHCARE IS SCARCE(insufficient to satisfy the need of demand) along with every single other resource...will someone with a brain please try and tell me how science(econ)can be wrong. Its simple math and I wish more brilliant people would speak there mind rather than utter the complete bullshit stated above.

Thank you for your time

and fucking try and read about canada's system or englands system...There is a reason that canadians come across the border for any life saving operation- because the govt puts them on a waiting period in which it becomes more cost effective to let the person wait and see if he dies. I have 1st hand experience with both so fuck off unless you have a worthy response and half a brain

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

There always seems to be endless money for unnecessary wars and seemingly none of you patriotic, conservative types ever seems to have a problem with that. But when it comes to investing in healthcare or education, all of a sudden these t-bagger idiots seem to get uber-concerned about how our tax dollars are spent. First, let me start by shitting on a few of the talking points you just regurgitated up:

The line about "So at this point the Government, NOT YOU AND I will be responsible for delegating those available resources. THE GOVT GETS TO CHOOSE WHO WILL RECIEVE WHAT CARE. Hence the creation of Death panels and such..." -Come on dude... That whole death panels thing was something dreamt up by political scientist Sarah Palin. Assuming that there's an ounce of validity to your death panel theory... if your, or your grandparents' number comes up on the in the death panel lottery, don't worry about it, you could always return to your privately owned insurance plan... Think about it for a second; -I know Rush Limbaugh didn't tell you this part; -but you know why they call it the public 'OPTION'? -Because it's a fucking OPTION!! -You know, like as in; choose this OR choose that. Also Merf the econ major, I'd worry about the already existing 'Death Panels' that are standard operating procedure for health insurance companies, who routinely deny people the necessary coverage they need (if it means that it will cut into their colossal annual profits), before I'd worry about your imaginary death panels Obama will be overseeing.

The supply vs. demand argument kindof sounds like something someone who knew what (wtf) they were talking about would say... However, that is assuming that the supply and demand are a fixed ratio. -They're not. Hey Merf the econ major, did you ever think that if there was this huge increase in the need (demand) for all things healthcare industry related -wouldn't that encourage a huge increase in the supply of medical professionals/ equipment? After all, unemployment is through the roof right now... I'm sure the millions of skilled laborers that got their jobs 'globalized' in recent years, could go into the medical field. More people could actually afford to go to college, or medical school if they weren't paying a king's ransom on, or going bankrupt over astronomical medical bills/ healthcare insurance.

If the public option goes through, there will undoubtedly be some problems with it. The thing is, the status quo healthcare absolutely sucks. I mean it's a great system if you have a shitload of money and dont ever have to worry about your family going bankrupt over medical bills... But for the other 95% of Americans who do; having an better more cost-effective option to the criminal health insurance pyramid scheme that exists now, is the only thing that remotely makes sense.

Also, for future reference, you kind of tip your hand with the use of "Niggerbama" in your very thoughtfully assembled chain of talking points. You could have presented all of your half-baked thoughts and just let them showcase how ignorant and stupid you are... But like most dittoheads, you just couldn't resist throwing in a racial slur for good measure. Anyways, ood luck with your junior college econ 101 class.

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