October 4, 2008


In the debates last week between presidential hopefuls Senators Obama and McCain there was a lot of lip service given to Henry Kissinger and how he may weigh in on certain issues. “My Friend Dr. Kissinger who’s been my friend for 35 years would be interested to hear this conversation and Senator Obama’s depictions of his position of the issue—I’ve known him 35 years,” McCain said during the debate. You’ve known whom for 35 years? Henry Kissinger? The War Criminal? The same Henry Kissinger who in 1969 planned and executed secret bombings of neutral Cambodia orchestrating 3,600 bombing missions without the approval of Congress? The same Henry Kissinger who then helped escalate the Vietnam War into Cambodia from ‘69-’73 killing more than 500,000 mostly innocent civilians? Okay, your friend and close advisor is the guy who sat in the same room with the Indonesian generals in 1975 on the day they decided to invade East Timor, and with the use of U.S. weapons launched a genocide which cost 100,000 East Timorese their lives, all the while misleading Congress about the arms sales used for the killing. This the same guy who supervised the CIA plan to overthrow democratically elected Chilean president Salvador Allende because he was allegedly promoting Communism in Chile, when really he was just creating friction for U.S. companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Pepsi, and Anaconda Copper as they vied for control of the Chilean economy. And when Allende was bombed and killed inside his palace on September 11, 1973 the same Kissinger who helped usher Augusto Pinochet into power—Pinochet who enjoyed a 17-year reign of terror as ruler of Chile. I just want to be certain that this is the same guy, because there was a Dr. Henry Kissinger who President Bush chose to head up the 9-11 Commission in 2002, but he soon had to step down from the position after some 9-11 victim family members revealed that Bin Laden family members were business clients of Henry Kissinger’s company Kissinger Associates, Inc. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the same Henry Kissinger.

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Nick said...

Hellafied knowledge bombs being dropped by LOA! I'm impressed with this post as I thought I was the only one pulling my hair out due to McCain's fanning out/fawning over that d-bag Kissinger. I'm amazed that McCain would want to align himself with someone who literally has the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on his hands. Kinda makes all the b.s. about W. Ayers and Obama seem like small peanuts. If only the entire voting public read LOA (if for nothing else, the Real Talk footy).

Anonymous said...

I wanted to mention also that Kissinger is a member of the Bohemian Grove club, which meets in San Francisco, CA every year in July. You can look it up.

Want to know the names of other members in this secret group? I'll tell you and you can research it out. Both Bushes, Reagan, Kerry, Newt Gingrich, Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Colin Powell.