September 20, 2006


(Click to enlarge... But on second thought, don't.
Trust me on this one...)

Well, there it is... Why dont you take a few moments to gather your thoughts; I'll wait...
So yeah; pretty fucking unsettling huh? Talk about 'much ado about nothing'. Out of all the mangy, scraggly, tore-up celebrity vaginas, this one takes the freaking cake. Nine times out of 10, I'm all for the 'Brazilian' wax, but sometimes you just gotta know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em... -In this case, I gotta say -Lindsay, put some goddamn panties on! I'm sorry, but that's not the caliber of vagina you want the world to see. It looks like one of those old beat-down pleather beanbag chairs that you had in your basement when you were a kid. Now imagine that the beanbag chair has a bunch of cats that are constantly clawing at it. -There's all kinds of stuffing and shit coming out of it. You keep patching the thing up with duct tape. When it rains, your basement gets all humid and musty smelling and after a while, that thing is so fucking moldy and nasty, you just gotta chuck it. You put it out on the curb on garbage day, and a few weeks later, that fucking thing is festering in some landfill amongst old chicken bones, dirty diapers, and is swarming with rats. Apparently, that's the kind of vaj Lindsay Lohan's bringing to the table.


Rapid Rappin Rabid Rabbit said...

I can't read what I'm typing right now cause my computer screen is covered in barf.

ETC said...


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Damn, you must be a pretty good typist then... Wait, did you say barf, or semen?... -Oh yeah, barf.

lettawren said...

honestly, i think you're being a little tough on the ol' va-jay-jay there, man. then again, i took only the briefest of looks. perhaps i'll learn more upon further dugout consideration.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Yeah, I gotta throw the red flag on this one and insist that you go back and review that last call. (I'm hoping that I dont lose one of my time-outs in the process)

Anonymous said...

"Upon further review, the grossgusting vagina stands as called. Snickerdoodles mcpoppycock will not be charged with a time-out."

Anonymous said...

Looks like a slice of balogna protruding from a freckled cold sore.

Hammmurderer said...

mmmmm, I need a sandwich.

Freightman said...

I was out of town and you hyped up this LL thing in the wrong direction. How many times will I be deceived into looking at something that I will completely regret? That is so fucking disgusting. I'm giving her no benefit of the doubt. Why doesn't the Enquirer use photos like this? LINDSAY LOHAN: A TOTAL F'ING DISAPPOINTMENT

Anonymous said...

I'd still fuck her(in the pooper).

Anonymous said...

You clearly have never seen a vagina before. On a real life lady. And not a porn star. All your commenters are probably virgins as well (the pooper? Oh yeah, real sexy!).

Anonymous said...

I would fuck her

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