August 9, 2009

The (Second) Greatest Story Ever Told

I'm going to throw a lot of B-list celebrity names at you here, so try to keep up. Former Kool Keith affiliate Jacky Jasper broke the story that 5 time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist Reggie Miller was nearly the subject of a restraining order application after Miller threatened the husband of a woman he was trying to bone. Apparently, Miller stalked a married woman outside of a grocery store and then sent her 53 text messages in 4 hours. When her husband, the son of Diane von Fürstenberg, tried to step to Miller, the NBA record holder for most 3 pointers threatened him with gun talk. Lawyers got involved and Miller apologized before von Fürstenberg filed the restraining order. You would think the story was over, but then someone flew a plane with the banner shown above around an AVP beach volleyball tournament in Hermosa Beach, California. I feel like I am being punked here, but until further notice this is the most awesome story of the summer.


Anonymous said...

I remember Reggie Miller had a super hot wife back in the day... What's up with that situation?

Chef Rykwon said...

Spike Lee has to be behind that.

Extreme Ash said...

A story involving Reggie Miller and DVF? I never thought such magic could happen.