June 25, 2010

Keep it on the down low...

I once shared a statistic with fellow LOAers Snickerdoodles and J.Seams (both totally Black) that between 99 and 100 percent of Black men "get on the down low". They disagreed with me, and dismissed it. Finally, after months of research, I've found the evidence that proves that statistic beyond a reasonable doubt. AND it's also quite common for Down Low Brothers to also be Down Low Murderers, which I was not aware of. But I guess it makes sense. This short film titled, "Hidden Prodigy", captures what Ang Lee must have been striving for with "Brokeback". I think Ang could really learn something about editing from this piece, and Jake and Heath (RIP) would have benefitted the movie a touch more, had they been able to better convey the homoerotic tension displayed here. Dialogue is top notch, Enjoy!


jonesy said...

this. is. amazing.

okay, okay. wwhhyy did she show up at dude's dorm with a glass from home? like a big ass mcdonald's collector's edition glass that just...dissappears.

and why do the credits and writing beginning look like someone forgot to close a < body> tag? i swear i saw the word producer 4 times directly next to, underneath and on top of one another with no names between.

i do have the say though - the combination of the name "sperm breath" with the fact that dude NEVER closed his mouth really drove it home for me.

Rex Goliath said...

LOfuckingL at "...between 99 and 100 percent of black men". hahaha.

obviously I can't confirm or deny that statistic, but it certainly reminds me of...


Anonymous said...

I think this dude is attracted to between 99 and 100 percent of black men.

I love how we get our own special term for being in the closet, like its any different. This down low hype is just that, HYPE! A convenient way of emasculating the otherwise big, scary black man.