November 2, 2010


Way to run the best senator in the the country out of office. Russ Feingold is the essence of Real Talk and one of the only senators who had the balls to stand up for sanity and common sense, regardless of which party's puppet is in the White House. You deserve Ron Johnson or whichever dipshit Tea-Bagging retard you elected.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Losing Feingold and Alan Grayson were the worse parts of this auction election. Even though two great temporarily went down, progressive's must keep fighting though cause the truth and facts are on our side as congress is now going to be run by global warming deniers. We'll see how corporate fascist the next two years get...

MAC said...

Arizona, apparently is even more stupid. Brewer got voted back in largely for her support of racist/xenophobic/scapegoating legislation like SB1070.


I also just saw that only 9% of voters 18-29 voted this election, down from 18 percent a few years ago.

Bummed about Grayson, too

Anonymous said...

They let your boy Grayson go!

Look for that guy soon on MSNBC or HuffPo

He'll be better for the Dems as a talking head anyways.

Anonymous said...

BUmmed about Russ. RIP sensible politics. As a former Wisconsinite I'm ashamed of the dumbasses still living there. INTEL TCI AKB

Anonymous said...

only one to read the patriot act. fuck