December 27, 2006

R.I.P. Steve Urkel's T.V. Girlfriend in real life.

yeah yeah yeah, i know what you are thinking... and YES this news IS a bit old, December 22nd, 1998? well had LOA been "live" (a term we like to use here in the internet/www. business) in 1998 i might have said something about it then, or maybe not. actually, i have a confession to make. for whatever reason i was trying to keep the death of Michelle Thomas my little secret, not unlike the way i was trying to keep Daniell "Topanga" Fishel my little secret, that is untill Snickerdoodles blew the fucking doors right off the vault of my secret sitcom crushes, and made the WHOLE world hip to the forgotten beauty of Topanga. where am i going with all this? im not sure, i guess as it turns out i have been keeping secrets, and thats wrong. isnt it? well whatever... right or wrong, my keeping of secrets is not gonna bring Michelle Thomas back from the dead.

Michelle Thomas died from some rare form of stomach cancer in 1998. now you know.
(also please click HERE or on the title of this post to read more about the life and death of Michelle Thomas)

there isnt much i can do to make good on the fact that i kept Michelle and her death a secret all these years, but what i have decided to do is to share a few of my secret sitcom crushes of the 80s and 90s with all of you from time to time in the near future so that you dont have to find out who i knew was hot YEARS ago by reading about their deaths (or having Snickerdoodles beat you to the punch and hog all the glory) on LOA.

(and maybe i AM bummed about how Snickerdoodles is getting world wide attention for re-discovering Topanga when i have been secretly been collecting photos of her on the internet for YEARS and cus i want to get all the credit for thinking girls like Topanga were hott years ago and still remembering them today.)

but for real...

R.I.P. Michelle Thomas

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Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Thank you T.H.L.A.T. for this very informative and long overdue post... It's always a tragedy when a girl with huge juggs dies. R.I.P. Urkel's Girlfriend.