May 10, 2007


In all the hustle and bustle of hustling, gang banging, eating pot brownies, and trying to date hot asian girls, it totally slipped my mind that the blog turned 1 year old on May 2nd!!! Much thanks to all the readers, contributors and all the L.O.A. O.G.s that have had our back, and repped the set over the past year!! It's been a crazy ride everybody; Lets keep this mutharfucka hella Krunk in the deuce-Bond y'all, and keep bloggin' til the wheels fall off this bitch! If you'd like to share a few memories about the blog from the past year, feel free to post them in the comments section below.
Thanks, and keep it real...

Affectionately,Your brother in Christ,



wagon burner said...

happy burfday cuz!

Christina said...

Mmmm is that one of the Dairy Queen ice cream cakes?

Happy Birthday!

Jim the Rza said...

One of my memories is finally finding out just what the hell the "YAY Area" was. I rememeber seeing a reference to it in some Life Sucks Die article about different fast food restaurants and something about how to stay away from old-people infested Hardee's in the Yay Area. I thought maybe it was the greater Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor area which I admit doesn't make much sense on many levels. It's bugged me for years, but now it's clarified as the nickname for the Bay Area(although I still don't know why). Thanks, LOA.

RasTroy said...

Long & Strong like a pack of Newports.