May 22, 2007

Take a little "time out" to appreciate art.

You know, a lot of what you see here on LOA is so damn serious. i thought maybe i would try something different, maybe take things in a new direction, broaden your horizons a little! Its a great big fucking world out there just jam PACKED with new ideas and mind expanding beauty around every corner, and i am thrilled to death to have the oppertunity to help open your eyes to some of the things out there just waiting to BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND!!

On that note, have a look at this gem!

I dunno who made it or what its called, nor do i think that information is important. I DO know that a friend of mine bought it for a dime of a guy that drives a roach coach around Costa Mesa! Can you even believe it?! Just look at the way that one old muscle dude is grabbing onto the other old muscle dudes honker!! Beautiful!! And the sad Lion head down there between his legs?! Amazing!!

thanks and see you next time!

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