June 27, 2007

BIG PIMPIN (aint easy)

In honor of Michael Bolton week, I decided to post this video of a pimp getting regulated upon. Apparently/ ironically, the non-pimp's pimp hand was WAY strong. Observe the realness:(good lookin' young Jersey)


Chef Rykwon said...

I'm ashamed to be from Houston after seeing that. Where has the world I knew gone when a muhfuckin H-Town baller gets knocked the fuck out by Karate Screech? With one punch no less! And a backhand at that! Fuck this.
Come to think of it...that dude was no pimp. Any self respecting pimp would never set his gator clad foot in a taxi. Or let a bitch rip his vines.

Wagon Burner said...

fuckin crack baby got owned!...hahaha!!!
I guess you can mess with Texas!!