July 19, 2007


If you aint up on the ICP juggalo movement you aint up on shit. I caught these little fuckers J-Walking on the Boardwalk the other day. There is NOTHING sweeter in life than seeing a live Juggalo, much less a 2 pack of Juggies with a 3rd ICP posse affiliate. Seeing these fuckers was better than the day i saw Tupac strolling the Boardwalk in a kevlar vest with 20 niggaz in attendance. To bad I didnt have a digital camera in 94. BTW, if you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about google "juggalo" you ingnoramous.


Anonymous said...

whoa, I'm ignorant as fuck!
I never knew there wsa a whole tribe of crazy rednecks aside from the other tribe crazy rednecks!?

Anonymous said...

Squash squash!

Freightman said...

Snickerdoodles or maybe MBER and I did a photoshoot/interview with about 18 of these goofballs getting ready for an in-store about 8 years ago. They were drinking Faygo and almost all had the hatchet dude tattooed somewhere on their body with a shit ton of makeup. It was a sad state of America. I left feeling like those dudes would've killed themselves for ICP.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope they did; the circle of natural selection would be complete!