September 6, 2007


You gotta give it to homeboy; every time I hear him open his mouth, it sounds like something thoughtful and logical comes out of it. I'm actually starting to think he could be the guy who gives the Republican party a much needed reality check. I honestly dont know who I'd vote for if it came down to Ron Paul vs Hillary...


Kingston Throop said...

word life.

Anonymous said...

Hillary? She's a member of David Rockefeller's private thinktank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is very much pro-war, for corporate profits.

The CFR also hired Robert Pastor to create the plan for the North American Union (NAU), which would join the US, Mexico and Canada together as one regional government.

The NAU is part of the UN's "Charter for Global Democracy" which would put the UN in charge of three regional world governments -- the EU, the NAU, and the Asian Union. The EU took about 40 years to complete, and is almost done.

The NAU is scheduled to begin integration in 2010. The AU is already being created, as well.

The UN has a horrible human rights track record, because the UN represents the interests of international corporations over the interests of human beings.

Vote for Hillary, and you vote to put corporations in charge of your life. Vote for Ron Paul, and we have at least a fighting chance to change the current course of events, which is the NAU.

Anonymous said...

Yo good lookin rastroy for puttin me on to Ron Paul. That guy is on some truthful "real talk".

Hillary is old news. Shes no Billy C. and thats all we really want in the end is revival of the Bill Clint days.

phylthy said...

eh dogg.... honestly you can't leave it up to " I honestly dont know who I'd vote for if it came down to Ron Paul vs Hillary..."

you have to get some friends and go to the motherfucking primary!!! get him elected man fuckin help out here! too many people see him and SAY he makes sense, and DO NOTHING. it's US who will change the outcome of the election! DO SOMETHING! we are losing our rights and our chance at the american dream because of these big government assholes!