October 8, 2008

Finer Points of Trailer Living

Now you're probably saying it's amazing that someone won the lottery twice in one year while simultaneously having his girlfriend literally stuck to the toilet in his trailer the whole time. I can see that, yes, both of those things are amazing. A woman's ass literally melds with a toilet seat over two years while her man wins the motherfucking lottery not just once but TWICE for 20 large each just outside the thin plywood door - I get it, it's amazing.

But having grown up in a trailer house in Oklahoma what I really want to draw attention to is one of my favorite expressions of American freedom ever - the Right not to buy the $39.95 concrete steps up to your trailer house door. Make motherfuckers climb that shit - Live Free or Die!! As far as I'm concerned the space between the ground and the door that you don't even bother stacking up some cinder blocks to is where the ghosts of the Founding Fathers frolic.

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