October 11, 2008

Jesus is a Friend of Mine

i'm not sure i should have been the person to post this, but whatever.
thanks Evs


graham said...

holy shit.

Wayne said...

That was garden variety attrocious until he got to that "Zap" verse. (So, Jesus touched you deep inside? Can you be more specific? ) Then it became Internal Snarky Remark Generator Xanadu.

The bass playing is surprisingly awesome though. Just focus on it next time you watch this. Pretty good. Imagine it in a better context and you appreciate it more. So, look at that guy, and then look at the ugly guitar player and you never see the drummer and everyone else is 55 years old and huddled around the piano so they'll be out of the way. Friend of Jesus Guy is the most popular guy in the Saturday Night Mass "Contemporary Group", which is something I was in in 7th grade, with the understanding that I would be getting to play drums, But the priest was old and crusty, and made a king sized stink out of it. So, Little Drummer Boy" was my big moment. And I hated it. Midnight mass. everyone looks miserable, and then some punk kid started banging a drum. Ah, fuck 'em. They were all assholes.

So are these d-bags.

Chef Rykwon said...

Ska sucks.