October 6, 2008

KEATING ECONOMICS: John McCain & The Making of a Financial Crisis

To start with, I almost never get super involved with Politics but after 8 years of watching this country erode into a shambles, I'm finding it hard to sit around and watch as the republicans fear-monger this country into 4 more years of Bush/McCain polices.
McCain wants to scare the american people with lies about Obama paling around with "terrorists" trying to dovetail into the false accusation that right wing propagandists were spreading that somehow Obama was a secret muslim or somehow "other" than a normal american. The scary part is that somehow this kind of slanderous propaganda and fear-mongering has an affect and there are people out there that actually think Obama is a muslim. We have seen this before when Bush used the fear of terrorists and gays and false slanders about Kerry's military service to get himself elected to a second term. And the same advisors who brought you that campaign are now the people running the McCain campaign. McCain himself who claimed to despise the "swift-boat" politics of personal destruction and Carl Rove is now the main propagator of this kind of slander. This kind of backdoor racism cannot be let to go on in our day and age. somehow the right is trying to make religion, more specifically Islam, a proxy for racism. Since its not ok to dislike Obama because he is black then maybe its ok to not like him because he's a "secret" muslim, read terrorist, or somehow "different" from "normal", read white, americans. Heres my point, at a time where our country is faced with real economic problems and has two wars going on this is what the McCain campaign wants to talk about. They have no real NEW polices or positions from the Bush/Cheney administration. I guess they figure that it worked before and they can distract and scare the american people into letting them have another 4 years. I have a 6 month old daughter and I want her to have an country to live in that is better than the one that Bush and McCain have left us.

(Words by correspondent/ LOA OG Liam Cassidy)

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