November 21, 2008

After School Television

I stayed home today trying to get over a throat infection. I noticed that cartoons are no longer on during the hours of 2-5pm, on regular TV channels. When I was a kid we would rush home to catch Transformers, He-Man, or Duck Tales. Today at 3pm I saw a rerun of Married Children, competing with courtroom shows on every other channel except for Oprah on channel 7. Her topic today was on keeping your marriage exciting sexually in your 40's.

I guess what bothers me is that kids often go home and watch tv until their parents get home. This is the type of programming that is offered to 5-14yr olds. Well I guess the internet and video games are better alternatives?


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

I think it's because kids are over cartoons... They're looking forward to their future stagnant sex lives and small claims legal battles. Real talk.

Jersey Joe said...

true wisdom.

Anonymous said...

It might be that cable has become so fragmented now that they don't have to offer the cartoons. Of course, what about the people without cable? Mostly poor people, I would think. At least they get a free Intro to Law course, before they enter a life of crime.