January 21, 2009


Yo! It's your boy Young Snickerdoodles in the building!! As you may have known from my last Fashion Week post, I've been trying to step my couture game up lately. Now, I know what you're thinking; "Snickerdoodles, you've had your 'grown-and-sexy' locked down for a while now". Yes, of course I have; but that doesn't mean that there isn't still room for improvement. I've been keeping my ear to the streets and paying extra-close attention to what's moving and shaking in the world of high-fashion. In this photo, I decided to go with an all-white ensemble topped off with some throwback black platform shoes. I think this look evokes a sense of being in touch with my feminine side, but at the same time says 'If you make fun of me for it, I'm gonna kick you in the fucking head with these big-ass shoes". It appears that this look is definitely catching on as evidenced by motherfuckers biting my shit throughout the Bloggosphere.

(Good looking out Big Stu AKA 'Lil' Pimp' over at 'A' For Effort Blog. -Holla at your boy!!)


mike said...

Jesus Dude.


I do love the shoes. They go well with what your trying to put out there. What's the deal though with the desk? Quite a strange pose? Keep the fashion week rolling- love it. Am a huge fan of your work.

ching chong said...

fucking a right