February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Super DJ

My cousin Tampa Murder Dog hit me on the 2-way last night, saying that he was going to a Super Bowl party where the two Good Charlotte dudes were DJing. If my private plane was not recently repossessed, I would have been there in a heartbeat. As you can see in this video, Joel Madden can get busy on the ones and twos. Song selection, blends, cuts... this guy is so on point. Kid Capri and Ron G should be embarrassed. I'm waiting for a full review on last night's party, but I'm sure he ripped it.


=SKIP= said...

man that was pretty funny. I was actually waiting for him to touch the turntables. Where has the Dj gone?

hacksaw jim chuggins said...

the only time the laptop should be busted out is when the dj is either out of records or to fuxed on sizzurp

Rikky Mang said...

I don't think he is even using turntables or CDJ's. There were some pictures of him DJ'ing at some party and he had his laptop on top of one of the CDJ's, the other CDJ was off and both 1210's didn't have needles connected to the tonearms.
He probably uses the crossfade function in iTunes!