March 13, 2009


Another stellar job of file-pulling by John Stewart. It was almost painful to watch somebody's reputation get shat on as ferociously as Stewart does Cramer's for an entire episode of the 'Daily Show'. -Honestly, an award for journalistic real-talk is in order here. Check out the Daily Show website to review Stewart's manhandling of Cramer and CNBC over the past week or so... If only the reporters on the 'serious' news networks covered the financial meltdown as seriously as the comedians on Comedy Central do.


RasTroy said...

Some people gear up for the world series, or the final episode of cheers, or what have you. Ehh eh. Not me. This, this is my shit. This right here. This is justice in action!

I was so down for this bloodbath. And a bloodbath it was. Even with the gentlemanly like introduction, I was ready for it. I'd say it was reminiscent of a juiced up (Word Barry) Bonds at T-ball. Practice. And Tyson in '89 against anyone. And man did it hurt. it hurt soooo goood.

The only motherfucker in OUR corner, in reason's corner, Jon Stewart, telling it like it is. Telling it like it has to be, for the rest of the pathetic media conglomerate has fallen the fuck off into "whats it mean to second guess dubious information??" land.

I'm just waiting for the ripple effects. Ideally the cancellation of CNBC writ large or massive overhaul sans Craemer et al.

Get Back!

thelossprevention.com said...

Lambasted. Kramer should be tried alongside the thousands of brokers, analysts, managers, CEO's etc responsible for this shitstorm.

Really surprised Stewart/Comedy Central hasn't gotten the nudge from Viacom/Redstone to tone it down a bit.

Anonymous said...

have you ever bitched at jim cramer, putting all the blame on people like him but most of it should be put on the american citizen, on weed?

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

< Was that a sentence or just an arbitrary grouping of words?

boozin sarandon said...

NAILED! (in reference to the above, as well as the clip)