June 24, 2009

JAY-Z D.O.A (Death of Autotune)

I'm posting this in solidarity on the 'Death of Autotune' sentiment. Roger Troutman (R.I.P.) crushed it with the autotune, all these other lames since need to stop fronting -(That means you Kanye "T-Painin' too much"). Also, I'm hyped my guy NoI.D. got to produce the track. He's the man responsible for doing all of Common's (Sense's) early stuff (before he decided to completely suck) and is one of the most underrated producers in the game. -Chi Town stand up!


sean said...

Joe Walsh--Talkbox
Rodger from Zapp--Vocoder

Similar effect, different machines.

Chef Rykwon said...

Let's not forget Peter "House In The Hamptons" Frampton as an early user who kinda crushed it on the talkbox. But really....fuck T-Pain and autotune.