July 3, 2009

Least Necessary Rap Song of the Year

When I read the CNN story about The Game's Michael Jackson song, I was expecting a "We Are The World" style tribute to MJ. The Game makes it sound like he broke out the Rolodex and brought everyone from Quincy Jones to Lionel Richie down to the studio. Instead, you get a barely audible Mario Winans and a Boyz II Men cameo. The star power on this track almost melted my laptop. Basically, this is a Game solo record, although Puff makes a brief vocal appearance-- literally phoning it in like Hell Rell at the end of Diplomatic Immunity. Honestly, I'm surprised that Puffy isn't trying to milk MJ's death for cash like he did BIG's (maybe a half-sung joint over an "I'll Be There" loop with a Danity Kane club track on the B-side). Anyway, all profits from The Game's MJ song go to the Jackson family. Considering Michael's estate is worth in excess of one billion dollars, I can't think of more deserving recipients.


Anonymous said...

The Game is still rappin?

vandal teamster said...

what, no mention of chris "beating the living snot out of a world famous pop star probably isn't the smartest career move, but is an impressive feat if you do it while driving down the street in a lambo" brown also appearing on the track? you're slippin

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

I never thought I'd see the day where a thugged out rapper would be in a solo, candle-lit bathtub in one of his videos... Props Game, that was tight.