July 7, 2009


•1569 Charles IX of France made his brother Henry a Generalissimo and presents him with a staff-like swagger stick to signify his appointment.

•1702 "Swagger sticks" evolved from the "leading cane" prescribed for British officers. On parade, this cane was used for leading men. But it was also used administering on-the-spot punishment of up to 12 strokes for minor violations of regulations.

•1800s In the Marine Corps, the swagger stick came into vogue in the latter part of the 19th century, and was a required article of uniform until WWI.

•1981 Jimmy Swaggart began a daily television program entitled "A Study in the Word." The program was aired on over 160 channels throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad.

•2000 "Swagger" is the first full studio album by band Flogging Molly.

•2007 Pop artist M.I.A. releases her song "Paper Planes," featuring the line, "No one on the corner have swagger like us."

•2008 T.I., Jay-Z, and Lil' Wayne release thier hit song titled "Swagger Like Us."

•2008 Old Spice releases an under-arm deoderant called Swagger. Commercials for the product feature rapper-actor L.L. Cool J and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

•2008 Soulja Boy Tellem releases his self-titled album featuring the songs, "Booty Got Swag"(Donk Part 2), and "Turn My Swag On."

•2009 Snickerdoodles McPoppycock coins the phrase Swaggerballin'.

•2009 Lil' King releases his Internet hit titled, "I Got Swag."

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Anonymous said...

I still think Lil KIng's "I got Swag" is the most important contribution to the swag scene so far.