August 25, 2009

DMD's Song of the Month

At a certain point in my life, you couldn't tell me anything but Mobb Deep. I wore out the "Shook Ones" cassingle in my Sony Sports Walkman. Later on, I had a brief "fuck Tupac" phase (now more just "Tupac is overrated") that principally involved playing a lot of "Drop a Gem On Em." I was such a fan that you would think I would have been happy to run into them on the street. Instead, I saw that they were each 4 feet tall, wearing matching blue leather hockey jerseys in the summer and kicking a smashed Coke can around like a soccer ball. Having built these guys up as the pinnacle of hardcore hip hop, this was the lamest display I could have possibly seen. Soon after, Mobb Deep was shooting videos in their boxers and rapping with D-listers like Karate Joe and Ty Nitti. My interest in them pretty much ran its course. Flash forward to 2009 and Havoc has cranked out one of the best songs of the year. While I can't co-sign the low-rent Gap holiday publicity still seen above, the song is DMD approved.

UPDATE: Shout out to the homie Cap D for identifying the original sample here.


Anonymous said...

DMD Stamp of approval is akin to Nas and Rakim passing the toch to you, so you know its legit. Props to DMD for putting me on this.

L2BT said...

That "From Now On" mixtape is pretty hot. Havoc, still shinin.