August 3, 2009



hubble said...

Wow. Calling Lou Dobbs an "idiot" is not only incredibly inaccurate, but does little more than make yourself look extremely ignorant. This clip from a very far left source is so slanted & biased that it's almost funny, but not really. First off, Lou Dobbs is NOT a republican. Never has been & has never claimed to be. He's an independent populist. Look it up if your uncertain as to what that means. Second, Lou Dobbs is probably the most fair minded, unbiased journalist on tv & if you watched him reguarly, you'd know this. Yes, he is anti ILLEGAL immigration & pro American sovereignty . Good for him. So is most of America(yes, even CA & NY) & so is most of the rest of the world. And lastly, what's the problem with President Obama( holding the highest position in the land) producing his birth certificate. Unless, of course, there is a problem. He has yet to do so. Why not just show the world & be done with it. Right wing conspiracy? Just produce the document & everyone will shut up. Seriously, most of what you post is on the level. But, your way off base with this video comment, imo.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Yeah, except for the fact that he produced his birth certificate a long time ago and it's been verified by several independent political fact-checking organizations and almost all of the major news networks sans Fox (of course) and your boy Lou Dobbs. Even CNN, Dobb's own network, batted down this story weeks ago and disproved the 'Birthers' claims...Here's the thing; Obama produced his birth certificate and all of the lunatics decided it was a fake or a forgery, no signature, no seal... whatever their deal was. -Then the very same document was shown with the doc's signature on the back -(which was standard procedure for Hawaiian BCs at that time) and shown photographed at an angle to show the embossed seal etc... FUCKING CHRIST! Seriously?? -Is there any doubt that this is 100% a dirty political trick to cast doubt on his legitimacy as president? You don't think McCain's people already looked into this during the campaign?? -They did /came up with nothing. C'mon man, this shit is the biggest non-conspiracy ever. How the fuck would he have gotten a passport or drivers licence or have a social security number etc. pre-presidency? Do you really want to go all-in on the full Manchurian Candidate conspiracy also? Final thing; The independent fact-finder organizations also found birth announcements for Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, posted by his grandparents in 2 different Hawaii newspapers on his birthday.
If Obama was white it'd just be assumed that he was an 'American' (the kind Republicans like) not this mysterious black man of questionable origins. What other presidents do you remember anyone ever asking for, or bringing up this BC issue? This is an issue people who hate the idea of having a black president can rally around without outwardly appearing to be the stupid racists they are. No race-card here, just a fact.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Whoomp there it is:


Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...



fuck you said...

here's john stewart taking a giant fucking shit all over lou dobbs. enjoy.


ps fuck you some more said...

oh, and ps - i would love nothing more than to tie lou dobbs, jan velez-mitchell and nancy cocksucking grace together and set them on fire

hubble said...

This does little more than raise more questions.


And John Stewart is about as funny as getting kicked in the shins. He is an entertainer, not a newsman & constantly skirts the issues with sarcasm, ridicule and his own personal animosity for those that disagree with him.

Personally, I don't know where Obama was born. I wasn't there. But you of all people should know the games, coverups & disnonesty that politicians reguarly take part in. What I find dishonest is the fact that Obama won't get on his telepromter platform, pull out his original BC, let it be scrutinized for all the world to see & be done with it. Again, I don't know where he was born, but it's his ovoidance of the subject that seems questionable. No other president has been scrutinized about their bc, because there was never any question. In this case there are. If it's legit then fine, if it's not, then there is a problem.

And back to Lou Dobbs, again, he is not a republican or some mouthpiece for right wing neo-cons. He reguarly discusses in a "pro" sense that are very anti neo-con. He is pro-gun, pro-abortion and pro-atheism. IT's interesting that the Southern Poverty Law Center(an orginization that is all about free speech & fighting "the man") would immediately want Dobbs kicked off the air. Interesting too that his show is on CNN, the anti "republican", "trusted news source", and has been for years. He reguarly criticizes FOX NEWS and neo-con republicans. He often runs stories exposing the deceit & corruption in politics from both sides of the isle. HE is anti-ILLEGAL immigration, most Americans are. He is pro LEGAL immigration, which most Americans are. Keep in mind, this country takes in more LEGAL immigrants every year, than ALL other nations COMBINED. I know, we're soooo anti immigration. By the way, "Mr. ANTI-IMMIGRATION" is married to a Mexican wife and they have four "half breed" kids. I always find it interesting that the left uses the same face value, cherry picking tactics to forward their agenda. And just for the record, I am niether a republican or democrat. I despise both and firmly believe they are two wings of the same self-serving, money hungry, lying and two faced bird.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Ultimately, we're gonna end up agreeing to disagree on this one. But a few things here:
I think your scenario where Obama holds a press conference with birth certificate in hand would be an enormous disaster. It would just open up a pandoras box where every single birther would have their own theory as to how it was forged, or not the right one, or whatever. It would also open the floodgates to future right-wing fairytales that get rallied behind and promoted by right-wing pundits, in an attempt to discredit him strictly for political posturing. It would create an endless chain of fabricated 'conspiracies' that he'd either be expected to knock down one after another, or be assumed to be guilty of if he didn't. I feel that everyone should be held to the same standards under the law, -including the president. The thing is, if this birth certificate issue had any validity, it would have been exposed well before there was even the opportunity to elect him. The McCain camp and the Republican machine -along with Hillary Clinton and every other DEMOCRATIC presidential contender had millions of dollars many months to comb over this issue, -assuming there was anything fishy about it. People on presidential campaigns get paid very well to dig up dirt on their opponents... After all, the "secret muslim" claims that lingered for months, would have folded over nicely into the Kenyan birth senario.

Seriously, does anyone actually think that the bureaucracy involved in applying for a drivers licence or a passport or a social security card is somehow more stringent than registering to run for president? It's insane to assume that people have just taken him at his word, that he was born in Hawaii. He provided his BC.
Your statement that: "No other president has been scrutinized about their bc, because there was never any question. In this case there are."
-Whereas this may be true, I must wonder WHY is it the case with this particular president? What is it about him that automatically makes it dubious that he was born here? I have to assume that it's the same reason his opposition has tried to label him a "secret muslim" a "communist" a "socialist" a blackpower radical etc. All of those things are specifically designed to make him the 'other' or set apart from 'Real (white) Americans'. It's so obvious that bottom line is defeated disgruntled white republican America is lashing out at the idea that our country is being run by a (1/2) black man.

I don't feel like Dobbs should be fired over this. He has an editorial show and I don't need to agree with his opinions in order to justify him keeping his job. I just think it's highly dishonest of him that he turns a blind eye to anything counter to the birthers' radical position. Like I said before, CNN itself fact-checked the whole BC issue and came up with the same conclusion as every other rational person: he was born in Hawaii -local newspaper birth announcements and all.

I FULLY back you for being skeptical of the highly corrupt 2-party system. The Democrats suck, and the Republicans are disgusting lunatic racist hippocrites. I'm fully backing being highly critical of the president wether it's Bush or Obama or whoever. They're all politicians working within a highly corrupt system. I'm not trying to cheerlead anyone unless they come correct on the policies. all this birth certificate stuff is just serving as a distraction from the actual issues I.E. healthcare reform, getting out of Afganistan etc.

I didn't know that Dobbs had a Mexican wife... Interesting...

Anonymous said...

Well said Snicker, good points. Yeah, the podium bc display is a bit far fetched, I agree. I just yearn for a politician, who has integrity. Not sometimes, but ALL the time. I guess it's good to have a dream, hehe. And I agree with you that much of the brew haha about Obama's bc is tainted with a bit(or more) of deep seated racism. Personally, I don't care what his ethnic background is, not even a little bit. I just disagree with much of his policies or lack there of. He has a VERY tough job. And the reality is that the job of being "President of the United States" is much bigger than one person. He has charisma, is a great public speaker, thinks big & could get you excited about having your legs broken. But, I feel he is not currently capable of making his campaign promises come true. Even the easier ones. Liberals seem to have this "pie in the sky", unrealistic, "looks good on paper" mentality. Neo-Con conservatives are fine with the hypocritical, fuck you, "it doesn't matter, cuz' I'm goin' to heaven" attitude. Too many" leaders have failed their constituency too many times. I don't hate Obama, but "hope" & "change" are words and it doesn't matter what the populis thinks, as long as the elitists at the top are gonna' do what they're gonna' do. Anyway, I'm ramblin'. Good to hear from someone capable of intelligent critical thinking. Always like your blog, check it everyday.