October 27, 2009


Sen. Joe Lieberman, the independent Democrat from Connecticut, emerged Tuesday afternoon from a meeting with his caucus as the center of attention -- again.

On his way in, he told reporters that if a public health insurance option was in the final health care bill, he would join a GOP filibuster to prevent it from getting an up or down vote. HuffPost asked him if there'd been much reaction from his colleagues in the Democratic caucus.

"Not really," he said, "because I think my colleagues know for a long time that I've been opposed to a government-created, government-run insurance company."

Lieberman stressed that he was not opposing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) effort to get a bill on to the floor -- one that includes a public health insurance option. Rather, said Lieberman, he would oppose a final vote on the bill by supporting a GOP filibuster if the public option remained in the bill. The difference is crucial, in that it allows the process to move forward. But it does present backers of a public option with the problem of getting 60 votes for a final vote to cut off a GOP filibuster.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lieberman is the king doosh bag of the Universe. It so saddens me how awful he's become and he'll totally go down with the sinking Republican ship. McCain wanted him as his VP, but was forced by the religious right (American Taliban) to choose shit for brains instead. Further proof how much better off America would be had Ned Lamont won the senatorial election. Run again Ned!

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, you're saying that the democratic party is better than the republican party? What have they done lately? Nothing! Except, maybe, erode our rights a little more and escalate the Afpak war. This two party system is bullshit. Americans need to see through it to realize that both parties are one in the same. There are a few cool congressman/senators, but the majority have the same agenda: To fuck us over!

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

I pretty much agree with you. If ever it seems like I'm cheerleading the Democrats, I'm not. They have a handful of genuinely good people who are kicking ass. After that, there's like half that are luke-warm and occasionally do a few things to justify being elected.. After that the other half of the Democrats and like 98% of Republicans are complete sellout corporatist whores. The Republican party is completely hopeless and it's entire foundation is built on insulating the rich and propping up big business.

Anonymous said...

"The Republican party is completely hopeless and it's entire foundation is built on insulating the rich and propping up big business."

You missed out the social illiberalism part --- anti-gay marriage, not really for separation of church and state, yada yada yada. Ironic, given they like to pretend they're for personal freedom and responsibility.

Vote libertarian!