October 28, 2009


REMIXXX!! Big up to my boy Lethal Chaos (there's such a high level of chaos going on with his guitar playing that it might kill you) Bobby's baby cousin on the M.I.C. -Get it Shorty!


Anonymous said...

REALLY ?the first news post you put is to the huffington post? Just lost all respect for this place. Might as well put a link to rush limbaugh as well, same level of news worthiness and truth. Grow a brain, use it, look at news(no major news companies msnbc sucks cnn sucks fox's opinion shows suck)

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Actually, it's under 'Politics', -and as far as that is concerned, I don't think there's a better (domestic) source of political information/ analysis. And no, I may as well NOT post a Rush Limbaugh link, because everything he says is 100% pure Republican racist sexist corporatist bullshit. You could counter that by saying Huffington is 100% 'liberal' bullshit, but you'd be wrong. Huf does have a liberal perspective but they do a good job of laying out an accurate account of political issues backed up by thoughtful liberal commentary. To equate H.P. with Limbaugh is hugely inaccurate. There's a difference between reporting the facts and having a political stance on them vs. consistently spreading lies and misinformation based on your insane political agenda.