February 22, 2010


A hope for cheap clean energy... We'll have to wait and see how General Electric ruins it once they get their greedy hands on it.
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ben dover said...

i don't get it, it needs a fuel to work (gas, fossil or otherwise), so what's the miracle about it?

Anonymous said...

I don't think fuel's the problem. It's cost and byproducts. I think the idea is that it just uses fuel more efficiently than combustion systems do. Maybe?

But what's her nuts is clearly some kind of dumbitch. Dude's listing off hydrocarbons that he says are compatible with the box, and she's all "How about... solar?"

Ask what the byproduct is, lady. Hydrogen cells are slick because they combine oxygen and hydrogen, and they make water. This combines oxygen with... anything, I guess, so what comes out? CO2, I suppose. The question is if it can use a carbon-neutral fuel efficiently enough for the electricity per unit of fuel to be cheap enough to be competitive with coal and shit. Thanks for asking that, dumbitch. And thanks for making me feel like an angry nerd. But seriously—act like you're on TV or something.

Anonymous said...

Ben, this thing is supposed to mix natural gas and oxygen and make electricity without any combustion (a "clean" energy source). Natural gas is all over the place and is much cleaner and easier to get than oil or coal. Using more conventional methods, it is much harder and dirtier (pause) to convert natural gas to electricity.

Anonymous said...

these 'diva's' just gave me the 'heebie jeebies'

Anonymous said...

Looks like a solid oxide fuel cell to me - not a new technology, but my guess is he has found something cheap to replace the expensive catalysts and thats his selling point.

And as for hydrogen - where do you think that comes from? 80% of the world hydrogen is derived from the (grossly inefficient) reaction of methane and water, and that reaction produces CO2 (and wastes shitloads of energy, and produces tons of NOx in the process)

There is a good argument here for leaving science to the scientists... stick to the pics of hot asian chicks LOA.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Sorry about my heinous lapse in judgement there... Next time I'm about to invent a revolutionary device that produces clean energy, I'll think better of it and just post a picture of Mai Nishida's juggs instead.
Thanks for beinging me back down to earth on that.

RasTroy said...

worst comment gallery ever.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was a douchebag science dork comment, but it chaps my hide when people buy into 'the next clean energy whatever' that has no scientific basis whatsoever.

The press cant be fucking trusted to ask the right questions, and most people didnt pay attention in science class, so they dont see the snake oil for the 'clean energy'. I'm just waiting to see 60 minutes cover a perpetual motion machine.

On the subject of what non-scientists and global warming solutions... this website is pretty good, even if it was sponsored by Nissan. http://www.journey-to-zero.com/