February 26, 2010

Marquis Daniels Has The Best Jewelry

Marquis Daniels hired Jason of Beverly Hills to create this 3 pound gold and diamond replica of his own head (a "Marquis piece"). Great investment. When the NBA locks out its players in a year and Marquis needs cash, there will certainly be a bidding war for this 1 of 1 bejeweled replica of a guy who averages about 20 minutes and 9 points off the bench for the Cs. Word to the wise: don't wear that chain to Chicago, bruh. Just ask former Celtic Antoine Walker.

1 comment:

faxer said...

The shits gone to far and there is no turning back. Ive never heard of this guy and he has a fuckin' chain of himself. I want to lock my self in a room where i don't have to see this type of shit from over paid poopdicks and wait for the world to end in peace.