March 10, 2010


Technology is simply glorious.  Act like you know bitch...

(Good lookin' out Killa Jaes)


Anonymous said...

OK, This is my second comment today (first one was concerning the Magical negro and my dick in the mash potatoes (white, fluffy and hot).
Lookie here. How can you want it both ways? I see this and I think this is far worse than a brother on a horse but you don't seem to mind. It's weird, their seems to be a schism between what we want the world to see and what we ourselves are willing to laugh at and accept. I understand the "we can call ourselves nigga but not them" but there is something absolutely and inherently wrong with that. A hateful word becomes indearing when it's said by someone with the same skin? No. I think the psychic damage of the word is still and always there. "That's why niggas can't never get no where."
And if I told you that "Chicken Tetrazzini" was done by some white kids with a ear for the culture, how would you feel then?

Anonymous said...

Oops! My bad. I had switched blogs so rapidly, i didn't realize i was on another site. Tetrazzini rocks! Keep on doin' you!
(But I'm stickingt by my dick in the mash potatoes)