May 6, 2010


Two cannibals drowned a teenager, hacked her body to bits and served her with potatoes to a lodger.  Butcher Maxim Golovatskikh and florist Yury Mozhnov, both 20, were caged for 37 years. The pair begged forgiveness from the family of Karina Barduchian, 16.  Golovatskikh said: “I don’t deserve mercy. But I’m not a monster.”  Mozhnov, 20, said: “I want to have a chance to save my soul.
At one point, the trial in St Petersburg, Russia, was halted because a juror felt sick looking at pictures of the victim’s body parts.  Karina’s mother Nadezhda, 45, also ran out of the court shouting: “Damn you both, scum.”  The men drowned the naked student, who had a crush on Golovatskikh, when she took a bath at his flat.  Andrei Lavrenko, prosecuting, said: “They cut up the body into several pieces, eating some of them and throwing the others into the bin.“Then they cooked her meat and served up the meal with potatoes.  “They were interrogated and explained the murder by saying they were desperate to eat.”  Lodger Ekaterina Zinovyeva, 22, said they served her a meal which she later realised included meat from Karina’s body.

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