June 27, 2010

Living Stereotype

If Milwaukee ends up boycotting Arizona, nobody can say that it wasn't a well-reasoned decision. Here, County Supervisor Peggy West grabs the mic and reinforces the stereotype of Midwesterners as obese idiots. Misstating the location of Arizona is the highlight, but I particularly like her conclusion that the Arizona governor has "direct linkage" to Obama by virture of the results of a Google image search. By that measure, Knicks point guard Chris Duhon also has a hotline connection to the President.


Anonymous said...

its funny how LA boycotted arizona but made an exception to the red light cameras that are owned by an arizona company. Way to stick to your principal of constantly ripping off the tax payer.

Anonymous said...

The whole "boycott Arizona" thing is meaningless political theater that only hurts innocent bystanders and won't change any laws. The people most directly impacted by the boycotts are individuals in Arizona, many of whom already disagree with AZ's immigration law.

California, a state run by imbeciles elected by brain-dead voters, is leading the charge on these boycotts. As Anon noted ^^, CA isn't above relaxing its boycott to keep the red light cameras coming. Also, trying to figure out which existing contracts with AZ companies can be terminated will cost a lot of $ in lawyer time, and then even more to defend lawsuits for wrongful termination. This is all very funny given that CA is on the verge of bankruptcy. So at the end of the day, what has been accomplished? Nothing really except CA politicians can claim some kind of moral superiority and cache with Latino voters when they run for reelection (and, oh yeah, more debt for CA taxpayers).

I'd love it if Arizona responded to these boycotts by not sharing its electricity with California.

Rex Goliath said...

yeah, mayor Villaraigosa from L.A. is a total cunt. I loved it how his genius city council voted to boycott AZ but then quickly softened their language when Arizona was like, "Oh yeah? well we supply about 1/3 of your city's electrical power. We'd be happy to cut it off if you like." fuckin morons.

this fat cow Peggy West is a perfect example of the typical mental wattage of the average open-borders apologist.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Maybe if they put turnstyles at the border, and attached generators to them, that could create enough electricity to power Los Angeles. -Win/win.