September 4, 2010


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Anonymous said...

If any of these people actually actually had any REAL $$$, they would change they're tune in a heartbeat...guaranteed. It's people with $$$ that create jobs & are able to invest in business, so that the "workin' man" has a job. "if you make more $$$, you should pay more taxes"? Why? So, democrats can line they're own pockets & give the rest away to those who don't do shit? Btw, social security has been bankrupt for years. Both parties raided that shit long ago. Moveon.org=barf.

Anonymous said...


Rex Goliath said...

congrats to whoever shot that video. he managed to find the dumbest people in the city.

social security IS insolvent and needs to be reformed or there will not be anything left for our generation when we retire. one way of doing that is raising the minimum age for benefits, which makes perfect sense since people are now living longer than ever. only a great fool can still think that social security is just fine and dandy...which all of these people seemed to think.

and did you notice the entitlement attitude of all of those liberal/statist leeches? they all operated on the presumption that they were entitled to a certain standard of living in retirement that the govt's money (i.e. your and my tax dollars) must provide. forget about saving more and living more within your means during your working years! life's a party, then you retire and soak the taxpayers! yay! what's wrong with that? and these stupid fucks are leveling charges of moral bankruptcy at others??? the nerve! they oughtta look in the fucking mirror.

as for extending the Bush tax cuts: it's simple. we're in the middle of a really bad recession. letting those tax cuts expire and tax rates go up is the LAST thing a recessing economy needs right now. that will lead to MORE jobs lost and MORE wealth evaporating. Barack Obama knows this, which is why he's pushing for an additional $50 billion in stimulus. he could just not ask for the stimulus and extend the tax cuts, but since he (and his Democrat congress) are classical class warfarists, that would be seen as bad by their idiot constituents.

one of the morons in the video said: if you make more money, you should pay more in taxes. I couldn't agree more. why, then, do Democrats refuse to get behind a flat tax system, when it's been such a success everywhere else it's been tried in the world?? I'll tell you why: bc having a tax system like the one we currently have allows Democrat politicians to wield the tax code as a political weapon, a weapon of class warfare and wealth redistribution. the problem, of course, is that it is full of so many loopholes that "the rich" often find ways to drastically lower their tax burden since they can afford the best and brightest accountants and tax attorneys. under a flat tax system, if you earn 100,000x more money than I do, you pay 100,000x more taxes than I do. PERIOD. gone would be the thousands of pages of Internal Revenue Code. you could do your taxes on a piece of paper the size of a post card.

furthermore, instituting a flat tax paves the way for something even better: a national sales tax. it operates the exact same way as a flat tax, except instead of taxing money that is earned, it taxes money that is spent. in other words, the productive in society are not necessarily "penalized" unless they actually live a lavish lifestyle and spend what they make. a national sales tax taxes consumption (what the left likes to call "greed"), rather than productivity.

here are some videos explaining how it works. educate yourselves.