November 30, 2010

Acting Class Is In Session

On an old episode of Rap City, master thespian Heavy D talked about how he had to "unlearn" what he learned in acting school before he could really grow as an actor. The people in this movie could definitely use some unlearning. On a related note, I wouldn't be mad if the blonde girl decided to do some tasteful nudes.


Anonymous said...

best part:

"i remember you now, you were in my english class"

"i was?"


Anonymous said...

this movie looks brilliant--been scoping every trailer for it for a while.. at first its hard to tell if the acting is really as bad as it seems, but eventually each trailer finally rolls out the screensaver cgi birds and you realize how fucked/bizarre / campy the movie is meant to be...i think the actors prob are terrible, but im sure thats why they were picked..

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

This is from the Tommy Wiseau 'The Room' school of acting.