November 13, 2010


You can't knock his hustle...-Any of them.


Anonymous said...

man, i know this guy is doing respectable work since somebody has got to say it, but i wonder if hitchens ever thinks "this fucking sucks always having to point out these obvious things." you know? imagine if there was a group of people doing terrible things because they were inclined to by the color purple. yeah, somebody should try to stop them, but i definitely feel sorry for the guy that dedicated his life's work to trying to get these people to see thats its just a color and they should stop doing bad things. basically what im saying is, although its admirable and helpful work, its still based on something entirely made up, with no physical existence or merit. so hats off to you hitchens, keep fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Hitchens sounds awesome. I'm not familiar with him but will now have to check out his works. I've recently finished Richard Dawkins book, The God Delusion in which he systematically dismantles religion piece by piece. I highly recommend.