January 18, 2011


(The following post was stolen from Revok's blog. Holler at him...)
***We here at REVOK1.COM take great pride and pleasure spreading news about police brutality and harassment as it has been our personal experience that police officers are typically cowardly pussies that seek the shield of government protection so as to fuck with people in order to feel some twisted sense of power and purpose… Since they are generally fucking losers in the real world.
SEATTLE — Twenty months after he suffered catastrophic brain damage, the wife and family of a 31-year-old man severely injured during a run-in with police in downtown Seattle will have their day in court.
Christopher Harris was walking in Belltown on May 10, 2009, when he found himself caught in the middle of a foot pursuit.

Two King County deputy sheriffs told him to stop and he ran. When he slowed outside the Cinerama cinema, a deputy knocked him into a wall.
He hasn’t been the same since.
Unable to walk, talk or care for himself, his wife and family claim Harris was the victim of excessive force in the early morning incident, which was captured on a theater surveillance camera. Months after the incident, they filed a lawsuit on Harris’ behalf against; a jury trial in the matter is expected to begin Tuesday.

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Corey said...

he wasn't even running.