April 8, 2011

It's a Wrap

Dear Humanity,

We've had some good times: cured polio, landed on the moon, split the atom, built the Sphinx, brought down the Berlin Wall, painted the Mona Lisa, invented the Internet. Well, I just watched the video for Yankin and realize that we are at the end of our journey. Thanks for everything, civilization. We had a great run.

Your friend,
Detroit Murder Dog


Hambloggy said...

that 4loko shit is fukin funny as hell. this needs award for dumbest video possible.

Anonymous said...

Hurr's what you do.

put this book in front of this fine lady:

Let her contemplate her contributions to society.

pour a tall glass of bleach and leave it on the table.

Just putting it out there.

Anonymous said...

complex chorus she came up with...

Anonymous said...

Fukking gross.

Rex Goliath said...

I second murder dog's sentiments. this right here should give you some idea of what the jihadis in iraq and afghanistan are fighting for: there are some elements of american culture they simply will not allow to breach the walls of their society.

but wait! there's hope!




since this blog pretty much leads the world in awesome videos, I'm sure you guys have seen those...I'm just sayin, don't give up on humanity yet with guys like Yung Humma on the scene.

RaskTwo said...

hahahah knew someone would say somethin bout the 4 loko