June 17, 2011

Kidult vs. Supreme

Looks like someone got mad that they sold out of 5 panels.


Anonymous said...

yo ewok got your mojo back on the last couple burners.

fuck kidult and fuck supreme. vimeo famous, who's next?

Hambloggy said...

ide like to see a katsu and kid kolab.

Anonymous said...

next fire extinguisher video i ever wanna see is someone using shit for paint ya dig?

Anonymous said...

this fool is trying way too fucking hard. does he actually do graffiti or does he just organize publicity stunts like this for himself in order to become the next banksy or some shit?

katsu really needs to show this clown what's up

Anonymous said...

I feel what he said about how if this shit was legal he would quit. I would quit looking at it too. I would just be some soccer mom, strip mall, graffiti industrial complex ish.