July 11, 2011


Since the demise of my Boy Anthony Wiener, Bernie Sanders is one of the last remaining politicians in congress that hasn't completely sold us out in favor of the top 1%. -You GO boy!


Captain America said...

Bernie Sanders is a hero patriot for the American people. The proto-fascist, Citizens United tidal wave of corporate cash is making him target #1 in the 2012 election. Support Senator Sanders by going to http://bernie.org/ and kick him $20. Or do nothing and keep watching American Idle while the superpower continues to turn into a 3rd world county from 30+ years of Revers Robin Hood Reaganomics.

Rex Goliath said...

Bernie Sanders is a (self-described) socialist buster.

you want to hear some REAL real talk? peep Ron Paul here:

p.s. Captain America, I get the impression you're not so schooled in economics and swallow all the bullshit MSNBC tells you. for example, you probably didn't know the Bush tax cuts actually made the tax code MORE progressive, did you? FACT. #realtalk

Captain America said...

Bernie Sanders is a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST the definition of which is looking out for the every day working people, rather than just the rich and the powerful. How dare he put people before trans-national corporations!

How is down up, water not wet, and your boy W's tax welfare giveaways to billionaire's progressive? Along with his two disastrous desert occupations, they are the three primary reasons his administration started with a surplus and ended with our current multi-trillion dollar deficit after he and your con buddies in congress raised the debt ceiling 6 times during that sham of an administration. http://tinyurl.com/3m8ofuv

Ron Paul agrees with me in your link that we need to need to end military waist. He's one of the few Republican's than occasional say something sane.

#realtalk #checkmate #church

bastion of suffering said...