September 6, 2011


People like Carl Sagan make me feel like I've wasted my entire life on trivial things (with the exception of this blog.) It also makes me acutely aware of how much the majority of people on this planet have wasted their lives on trivial worthless pursuits as well. It is at the same time, both depressing, and a reminder that we have unlimited potential to do something meaningful with the rest of our brief time on this planet.

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paul james said...

We are still naked apes driven by our ancient monkey brains, unable to free ourselves from primitive fears. Occasionally, there are sparks to our potential (thanks mr. sagan, and einstein and Buddha) but how few are those examples in our everyday lives? So don't be too hard on yourself for your failings. We're all working with hardware that's barely out of of the trees. We are a merely a blink of time away from scratching for grubs, being afraid of lightning and struggling to be the alpha of the pack.