October 12, 2011


Not only does this shitbag cop decide he's going to wind up and just punch a woman full-on in the face, but what kind of pussy-ass punch was that?  That awkward overhand windmill motion... No wonder this fucking coward has to try to beat up women; there's absolutely now way that type of shit would fly if he actually decided to go toe to toe with another man...  Actually I can't even say the word 'another'. This D-bag is not a man; he's a pathetic cowardly little child who somehow got entrusted to carry a badge and gun.
Fuck this dude and everyone like him.

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Anonymous said...

Not a woman just to clarify. He punched this dude http://gothamist.com/2011/10/14/hiv_positive_protester_says_cop_who.php