January 2, 2012


Yo! check out the new GRTIV tumblr site featuring some of the artwork of fellow LOA street soldier GRTIV! Bookmark the shit out of that shit, visit often and share it with your peoples. Jah bless. One.


Jay Money said...

My buddy flew out to LA for this dude's art show last year and I guess all the paintings were of KKK dudes playing basketball. I asked him what it was supposed to represent or whatever, but I forget what he said cause we were super fuckin high. He rented a Mustang for that LA trip because he wanted to front like he was big time or whatever, but I guess a Mustang is like the weakest car in LA because everyone has AMGs and Porsches and shit. I've never been to Cali, but that place sounds crazy as fuck.

Rexwon said...
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