August 29, 2012

YN Rich Kids - Hot Cheetos & Takis [LOA SUMMER JAMZ]

I thought my unhealthy snack game was pretty tight. It's wasn't. First of all, upon hearing about this song I didnt know what Takis were. Also, at no point of my life did me or my friends compose what could possibly be the greatest song of all time (tied with R.Kelly's Ignition, R.Kelly's Bump 'N Grind, R.Kelly's Sex In The Kitchen, R.Kelly's Fiesta, R.Kelly's Down Low & R.Kelly's entire 12 play album) about any snack or food.

Hot Cheetos and Takis, or "HCAT" is a 5 minute aural journey through the world of cheddar dusted fried corn meal by 7 young children known as the "Y.N. Rich Kids" from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not only street certified, but the song is also Kidz Bop ready. In all seriousness, this song is amazing and these kids rap better than most rappers.

When I see this group of young black kids yelling "snacks!" repeatedly, it takes me back to my days as a youth walking to albertsons/ralphs/rite aid with 4 dollars in loose change ready to crack open a bag of doritos, king size twix (R.I.P.) and mountain dew code red. Odds are by the time you read this Takis is sold out everywhere, and people are selling their bodies for a hit of some hot cheeto(s). Thank you YN Rich Kids

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AL said...

Amazing shit right there. Made my day. Snacks!