May 20, 2007

National Double Up day!

Just in case you missed the president's press conference, we're proud to announce that, in celebration of the internet leaked (pun intended) version of R.Kelly's new album, today is national "Double Up" day!

Men and women all across the land are encouraged to do any and all of the following:

"stunt in your jeep"
"sip some hypnotiq and henny"
"toot toot/beep beep"
"go to the club and flirt"
"take her back to the room like cavemaaaaan"

and of cuurrse. like kells says:

"we in the club, and you tryin' to decide if you gonna leave with me, but you got your girl with you, bring her with you. i gots a place you can stay at my crib."

-special thank you to www.burlesquedesign.com and the dude that designed it for use of the shirt pic.

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