July 26, 2007


Your boy Snickerdoo leads a pretty extravagant lifestyle. I'm all about doin' thangs and havin' thangs. Expensive whips, jewelry, beautiful women...-That shit aint cheap; so when I'm not holding it down on the internet(s) I'm handling other biz trying to get this paper son. My latest highly lucrative venture is doing graphic design and ad management for several fortune 500 companies. You may have seen some of my ealrlier work for 'Bold Party Blend Chex Mix' back in May of 2006. My latest client is BlackBerry. Right now I'm focus grouping my ad campaign for the sleek new 8800 handset. I'm trying to give BlackBerry a more raw, gritty urban flavor. Let me know what you guys think. thanks, S-dot (Click ad to enlarge)


Mr. Nasty Raps said...

Craig: "Mrs. Parker is finer than a motherfucker!"

Smokey: "You know what they say, the older the berry the sweeter the juice."

Craig: "Man, it's the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice."

Smokey: "Oh, she's blacker than a motherfucker too!"

Friday - 1995

Anonymous said...

The new Blackberry 8800; There is no better way to text 'Dear Momma'.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

oooooh! I like that!

Ari said...

you know your boy Ari B. will definitely be copping the limited edition Death Row Records model, complete with grim reaper wallpaper on the display. HOLLER.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

cop that son.