September 12, 2007


Patriots video assistant Matt Estrella had his video camera and tape seized by the NFL after they accused him of filming Jets defensive coaches giving signals to players on the field. The commissioner Roger Goodell determined the Patriots violated league rules last Sunday when they videotaped defensive signals by the Jets' coaches. Patriots coach Bill Belichick apologized to his team today and confirmed that he has spoken to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about his "interpretation" of league rules that ban videotaping of the opposing sideline. It was not clear what Belichick was apologizing for, and the coach repeatedly refused to elaborate on a one-paragraph statement issued 10 minutes before a regularly scheduled news conference to discuss Sunday night's game against the San Diego Chargers. The NFL reportedly is considering punishing the New England Patriots for spying on the New York Jets in their season opener. The same assistant who had his video confiscated during the game against the Jets was caught doing the same thing last year in Lambeau Field. "From what I can remember, he had quite a fit when we took him out," Packers president Bob Harlan told ESPN's Chris Mortensen. "We had gotten word before the game that they [the Patriots] did this sort of thing, so we were looking for it."


rastizzl said...

stakes is high.
what an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Location, Location, Location

It is amazing how poor readers still like to write. If you were to educate yourself, you'd know that the NFL permits video taping (filming, polaroids, use of binoculars) by the teams to glean information about each other. Read all about it, it's in the rule book. There are restrictions as to where you can be when you do the recording, and a Patriots employee was in a non-authorized location on Sunday. That's the entire issue here: an employee's location. Every team studies every other team every week. Did you really not know this?

Anonymous said...

its more than that. There is an ethical bar Belichick crossed here. Theres studying tape, reviewing plays and all that good shit, but when you are specifically
recording the signs and then relaying them in on the go, thats fucking cheating.

After all its still a game, and was created with the intent of maintaining a level of mutual respect for the rules.

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

No doubt son... Show a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the N-F-L motherfucker. Belichick cheated, straight up. If I murdered anonymous (1) as he was breaking into my house vs out on the sidewalk in front of it, then your theory of "Location Location Location" falls into place nicely. On one hand I have a self-defense justifyable homicide case as opposed to a 'Murder was the case that they gave me'... Splitting hairs; hmmm... I think not. So lets not be so quick to start talking about "educate yourself" and all your 'I got Tom Brady on my Fantasy Football team' rhetoric.

RasTroy said...

no doubt.