October 27, 2007

All praises to Allah, LOA breaks 100,000 hits!

if ever there were a time to post this Tyson clip again... this has got to be it! its almost like Tyson recited this poetry knowing the collection of it all would be the perfect way to celebrate LOA breaking 100,000 hits!! and he was right! enjoy BITCHES!!!!!1


Anonymous said...


Jim the Rza said...


That video reminds me of when Tyson was this unstoppable force. I love Mike Tyson, he's crazy but I'm crazy too. I love Will Smith, and Flavor Flav and Chuck D giving shoutouts to Tyson in Public Enemy songs. And there's elements of all of them in LOA so yeah keep on keepin on muthafuckaz

Fine Christian Name said...

"stomp on their testicles"

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Game recognize game.