November 13, 2007

Danny Bonaduce Kicks Ass!!

Let me just set this post up by letting all y'all out in internet land know that im posting via an RV driving from SD to Washington, satellite internet connection, thats how we motherfunky roll at LOA.

ok, Danny Bonaduce Kicks Ass!! well not really, he sucks as bad as he ever did, BUT... and you may have seen this already, guess its a few months old, but watch him demolish Jonny Fairplays face!! not only does he smash homeboys head in, but the way he struts his stuff after?! what a FUCKING baller!! also, finishing it all off with a peace sign... classy!

thanks Lance


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Duceman tossed that idiot. He got what he deserved. WHo humps another dudes chest anyway?

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Damn, the more I watch this, the more I'm thinking Bonaduce is creeping into a Mike Tyson-esque level of pound-for-pound entertainment. He's got it all: arrogance, drug abuse, irratic homicidal/ suicidal behavior... Heads up Iron Mike, Danny B's comin' for datazz!!

Snickerdoodles McPoppycock said...

Yeah, good lookin' out Lance. -You were damn sexy as a chick in that old Bones Brigade video where you had those paper cups under your shirt.