January 24, 2008

Conjugal Harmony

This is one of those situations where I don't even really care if this shit is real or not, it just needs to get out there.

'If you're anything like us, you're controlling. With Conjugal Harmony, we take out the guess work. You don't have to hire a private detective to know where your spouse is, who they're hanging out with, or ever wonder if you're being cheated on. By marrying a convict inside the prison system you can rest easy knowing that the state is looking out for you, and that you will be free of the nagging, shopping trips and extra-marital oversight so stifling to your relationship.'


Anonymous said...

Daaaaaaaaamn, Stabberella sounds like a keeper to me. Shit, I'd risk getting shanked in the lung to bury my face in her mangy minge.....

Name: Stabberella

Age: 23

State: California

Convictions: Trespassing, soliciting, prostitution, drug possession and then my three strikes was all armed robbery whateva.

Why I deserve another chance: A few years ago this pastor started coming in to preach the gospel and ever since then my life has changed. He's so smart and so hot I think of nothing but having his pious face buried in my mangy minge, even if all he ever does is blab on about God.

Anonymous said...

WOWIE WOW WOW, they even provide a link under "click here to register" to this fantastic looking product. Now thats what I call a marketing power move.


Daily Contempt said...

Marry a sexy prisoner! And have sex with her too!

conjugalharmony.com — A website where you can finally meet the love of your

life, you know, murderers, drug runners. If this is real, it will answer the

prayers of nerdy get nones everywhere! GET SOME!

I love those guys!