February 18, 2009

Cause when you dis Dre, you dis YOURSELF.

Today is DRE DAY. We celebrated early in Minneapolis this past weekend and it went off. Here are a few highlights.

screenprinted 40 bags.

Our $20 Sack Pyramid grand champions Hayley and Medium Zach

The party was 18+

Trama performing in a chronic haze with the pyramid in the background.

Malt liquor was too real for her.

Burlesque screenprinter and resident chronic-know-it-all Bennie.

Espada, our A+ host for the night.

$20 Sack Pyramid in full effect.

Our bangin' promo video:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

silkscreened "40 bags"? otherwise known as brown paper bags? what kind of black safari, culture vulture, swagga jackin' fuckery is this? damn near everyone at this party looks like a herb.