February 21, 2009

Faking the Funk

Look at my man from the French band Justice going buck wild on the beat box. It being unplugged is only a minor detail, as I'm sure their prerecorded blend of an unnecessary Chromeo remix into the Human League was EPIC. These guys probably clear 25 G's a night, so it's only right that you get some Marcel Marceau showmanship along with their fugazi knob twisting.


Anonymous said...

Give em a break, they're ugly.

sean said...

MIDI Vanilli.

There is, however, tons of footage where it's obvious they're really affecting the music themselves.

Also, were his sound monitors hooked up? Maybe he didn't know the controller was unhooked.

Beyond that, is the music better if he's actually hitting extra percussion and sound effects while the sequenced beat is playing?

Anonymous said...

if theres one thing i learned from the grammys, it doesnt matter if you got talent or can perform live, if you can make white people dance like idiots than your in homeboy

Anonymous said...

is he getting his MIDI on with Mickey Avalon?!? WTF?